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Business English

Business English skills are essential for getting ahead at work. Improving your business English vocabulary and knowledge will help you work more effectively. Our vis a vis or team Business English training will not only help you learn basic concepts taught in business schools but give valuable practical knowledge used in the field. Our short ten-week program enhances your understanding of the core business ideas, along with applicable and useful case studies to get hands on experience using terminologies that are used in the field. The course is designed for individual study as well as team projects for a broader range of interaction and effectiveness. Those who follow our methods will move from their current level to the next with 10 to 12 weeks. The following is a general concept of the areas of study. 

This program is divided into ten modules. Five knowledge sets coupled with five skills set. 

Knowledge Set

Accounting is the language of Business. Here I’ll tutor the core concepts.

The essentials of finance, including investments, will be taught in this program.

The basics will be covered; I’ll provide tutoring in micro and macroeconomics.

The fundamental management principles and ideas will be discussed.

Essential concepts, both in marketing and sales, will be debated

Please note that all modules can be adjusted and expanded to the needs of the organization.

Skill Set

From conceptualization to delivery, all aspects will be taught in this course.

Different meeting types, along with writing agendas and recording minutes.

Writing useful emails for various business situations will be discussed.

Various types of negotiations will be coached with the help of a case study.

Business Etiquette
Tips on both business and dining situations will be covered in this training material.

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