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Vis a Vis Coaching

When considering a vis a vis coach here are some questions that should be answered. Here we will do our best to provide the answers in a easy and succinct manner to help you in your decision making. 

​The following are the 5 most valuable Questions to help Leverage Time, Strengthen their Foundation and Maximize their Relationship with their Business Coach

1. Choose a business coach who has experience in your field or has a knowledge-base to draw upon. 

Here at BCETS we work hard to cover many different fields of knowledge, depending on your field we will endeavor help you but in some cases we may not be the right fit. The whole idea of using a business coach is to help you mitigate the expensive trial and error that most business owners make as they build their businesses. While many of the situations you come up against in your business (whether they be about managing your team, growing your sales, creating your next products or services, or controlling your expenses) the owner and CEO of BCETS can draw on his past experiences to give you clarity on the best path forward to a more successful business.


2. Choose a business coach who can explain things to you in a simple, easy to follow manner. 

Communication is crucial when it comes to working with a mentor, so make sure that you pick someone who can elucidate a clear path forward. Do you prefer video chatting to phone calls, or maybe a readable form of what took place at the end of your session? It's critical to find someone who understands your preferences and can work within your desired needs.

3. Work with a business coach that you can trust.  

At times it can be a bit unnerving to share your revenue, or talk about your challenges and weaknesses as a leader, openness on both sides are a valuable along with an outside perspective and honest feedback. Don't sugar coat anything. Your coach will not judge you. BCETS real desire is to help you grow and succeed, and to do that we needs accurate data. So, if you don't feel comfortable sharing details with us, then we aren't going to be a good fit. If we are then we are looking forward to working with you.

4. Be prepared to hold yourself accountable.

The right business coach will always be in your corner, and sometimes this means being the one person in your business life who calls you on the mat. Your employees can't do this-- their paychecks are signed by you. BCETS has worked with many business coaching clients, we've seen the impact on their business when they completely engage and allow us to hold them accountable. 

5. Avoid Excuses

Along with being accountable, you should also be prepared to do away with excuses. You don't have to do everything perfectly, and BCETS knows that, but you do have to take action. Of course you're busy, but when will you ever really change if you don't do the things that you need for your business to grow and thrive?

Our final piece of advice to you, growth and freedom comes with commitment. The right business coach walks by your side, it's time to dive in.  Don't worry mess ups and minor set backs are normal, the true magic begins after months of focused, directed, intelligent action in scaling your company, we will be there to help. Either way time is going to pass. What you do today you will be talking about 3 years from now!  Don't allow the, "If only I had" your future. Insure your future now click the button below for a quote. We will get back with you asap. 

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