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Our Vision:


In our uncertain world businesses are not only looking for new ways to grow, they are challenged with creating better working environments that are sustainable, where the Leadership, management, and the workforce operate together like a Swiss watch. This kind of precision can only be attained through visionary leaders, well trained management, and a happy workforce. We believe here at BCETS International that it's our responsibility is to come along side and help create this atmosphere. It's through collaboration and discourse we believe this can happen. We have three instruments that can help you achieve your desired goals and ambitions: Vis a Vis Coaching, Corporate Coaching and Business English.

Steve Hague

Founder & Director


The founder's first experience in business was while attending college. At 21 years of age he managed a Lumberyard in Southern Utah. His success multiplied by starting his own Design business that covered four states. In Southern California he became the Sales Manager for a construction company were he personally achieved a million dollars in sales and lead his team to 4 million in sales the same year. In the Northwest he started his design business again, There he operated and prospered for 10 years. His last venture in the States was building a Precious Metals Purchasing company that was built from scratch and ran profitably within the first 3 months of operation. 

Cell: +372-567-94886


Skype: bcets.inter

Anna Shuliumova



 Anna Sulimova is the office manager for BCETS International. Anna brings her vast knowledge and experience to our office. She holds a bachelors degree in PetroChem, along with a TESOL Certificate, she is also a trained translator corrdinator. She has traveled to the USA were she worked in the "Work and Travel program. Her teaching experience started in China in a International training center as an AILPY teacher. She taught as well as trained Chinese teachers in new teaching methods and shared her international experiences abroad. She is willing to help in any way she can in ensuring that you have a good experience with us.

Cell: +7-951-065-12-15


Skype: bcets.inter

Rodi Veliche

HR Manager & Career Coach - Romania Representative


We are very pleased to have Rodi on board with us. 

Cell: +40-725-400-177


Skype: rodi.bcets.inter

Position Currently Open

Business English Specialist


We are currently looking to fill the position of business English Specialist. If you feel that you have the right qualifications please don't hesitate to contact us.

O: 123-456-7890  

M: 123-456-7890

F: 123-456-7890

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