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"Let go of Your “What” - "Embrace Your “Why”

Once you find your “Why” all the setbacks, worries, and diversions can be brought back into focus by your “Why”.

Embrace your “Why”.

The “What” is important since it’s intrinsically tied to your “Why”. We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about “What” we want to do. What we miss is when we discover our “What” we want to do isn’t challenged with; “Why” do you want to do what you do?

Let go of your “What”.

In this discovery is something very powerful.

Knowing why you want to do something is a catalyst to drive your ambitions to pursue your dreams and/or desires.

The question is, “do you know your purpose”? How much time have you devoted to understanding your deeper purpose in life?

Discover your Purpose.

What is your “reason for being?

Do you know your “ikigai”?

In Japanese “ikigai” is, a reason for being.

Tip: The benefit of knowing your “Why”.

It will provide the necessary clarity to accomplish your goals.

During my three-month course, part of what you will be doing is focusing on your “Why”. This course is designed so that once it is completed you will have all the necessary tools to step out right away and utilize them in a very constructive way. This is a real-world learning experience, not theoretical.

See the following link for more details.

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